About Me

Saga, my cat, sniffing my Christmas stocking to see if it meets her standards.

I’m Allyson. I knit, cook, blow glass, pet the cat, read, bike, scuba dive, travel, and do science. I tinkering with things all day trying to understand how they work. One day when some new yarn arrived in the mail, I thought it called to be a particular hat I hadn’t seen made before so I sat down and worked up a design. Now I can’t knit something without tinkering with it to make it my own and most yarn tells me it needs to be something new and different that I’ll have to design myself. I particularly enjoy knitting and designing hats and shawls.

While I enjoy designing a variety of different garments and accessories, my designs are united by a desire to showcase the beauty of hand-dyed yarns and offer a variety of options to knitters to customize a design. Most of my designs feature some sort of lace, but I also incorporate cables and colorwork into my pieces.

All my designs are vetted for comfort by my cat, Saga, and have her paw print of approval before publication.

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